Winning in Hull

In Hull last May we confounded expectations and swelled our councillor numbers on the Guildhall benches from 17 to 24 – winning seats off Labour heavy-weights right across our City.

Forlorn looking faces of Labour councillors and candidates stood looking shell-shocked around the count tables as ballot papers tipped out of the boxes – their Council majority has been slashed to just five. They could not comprehend what had happened.

It was an incredible night.

But it was an incredible night not just for us as a party, but most importantly of all, an incredible night for the communities we fight for and represent.

Up and down the country Liberal Democrats are making a difference every day in their cities, towns and villages. They are making a difference for each and every resident.

Here in Hull, I am so proud of what our councillors and campaigners do day in and day out to help people. From the small issues and quick fixes right through to the complex, enormous decisions that have an impact across our city, I know that every one of our team will do what is right for the people they serve.

And, over 15 years as a councillor in a northern city, I can say with confidence that this is an approach unique to the Liberal Democrats. It is an approach which puts residents and communities at the forefront of what we do rather than tribal politics.

This May, here in Hull, we have another huge opportunity to win again and we’re determined to make it happen.

On weekday evenings and at the weekends we have teams of campaigners out on the streets, talking with residents, finding out their issues and concerns, talking to them about how the Liberal Democrats are demanding better for our city. But we can’t do this on our own as just 24 councillors. We rely on our local members and activists coming out and campaigning with us.

I know that without the incredible 60-strong volunteer team in my ward, I couldn’t do what I do. I also know that your Liberal Democrat councillors and candidates will need you this April and May so that they can fight for their communities.

So, if you’re not yet helping out in your local election campaign – go along and get involved and help fight for your local communities. And if you don’t have local elections this May have a look at where is holding events on the local election National weekend of action in Februaryand go and get involved and help a Liberal Democrat team make a difference in their area.

… and if you fancy a trip to Hull, just let me know, we always welcome new volunteers!