It’s not too late. Brexit can still be stopped

Tonight in Parliament, the Conservatives kicked the can down the road yet again.

As the Brexit deadline looms ever larger, Parliament is still gridlocked – and there’s no sign of anything changing soon.

For two years, Theresa May’s Conservatives have made an absolute mess of Brexit – and Corbyn’s Labour have been right there with them – letting them off the hook.

Only the Liberal Democrats are fighting, day in and day out, to stop this catastrophe.

We still have time to stop Brexit – and we need to make our campaign even stronger in the next few weeks.

Together, we’ve defeated the Government in Parliament 24 times; we’ve built public support for a People’s Vote and we’ve led the campaign against Brexit on doorsteps across Britain.

We are making a difference – and it’s still all to play for. Will you donate to help us keep fighting to stop Brexit?

It isn’t too late. Brexit can still be stopped. Be courageous – and keep fighting.