National LibDem News

  • It’s clear the Conservatives are completely failing at the task at hand. They cannot be trusted to provide everyone with the high-quality social care they need. So it’s time for change.
  • We all want to see an end to dangerous crossings on small boats across the Channel, but this legislation will do nothing of the sort.
  • Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed in life and access to the same opportunities. Sadly that is not the case in the UK.
  • The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Chancellor to cancel Conservative tax cuts for big banks and instead give carers a pay rise, after analysis of figures buried in the Budget revealed banks are being handed a tax cut of £17.8 billion over the next five years.
  • To build a liberal Britain, and spread real opportunity to every city, town and village across our great United Kingdom. To deliver the fair deal that the British people deserve. Liberal Democrats, that is our mission. That is our calling. That is our fight. It’s a fight we can win. […]