Share your story

We all know the power of a good story.

Storytelling is the oldest way of passing along information, in which facts can be shared but we also know it is also one of the most powerful for sharing our messages.

That’s why we want yours.

We want to share your story to help us win the fight for an Exit from Brexit.

We want to hear from you if: your medication has already been delayed; you’re a business owner, worried about supply chains or staffing or you work in the NHS and you’re worried of the impact on patient care… to name but a few!

The Liberal Democrats have been leading the fight for an Exit from Brexit for over two years now and we’re hearing more and more how Brexit is already impacting on so many lives.

We want to share your stories in our campaign online, in print and at our conference.

We’re looking to see:

  • Stories that are personal, describing how has Brexit impacted/ how will it impact you and your family
  • No more than 200-300 words – the shorter the better
  • A photo that you would be happy for us to share

Obviously, if we share any of your stories, we will get in contact and ask your full permission first!

If you can help, please share your story here –

Help us keep up our fight for an Exit from Brexit and let’s end this national embarrassment.