Local Elections in May

Every May, there are local elections in the UK, to elect the councillors that local after our local communities.

In the Liberal Democrats, we’re committed to making sure this year’s local elections produce the biggest gains ever, returning hard-working Liberal Democrat councillors to town halls right across England.

With nearly 9,000 seats to contest, this is going to be no small feat. But it’s worth it because I know Liberal Democrat Councillors work hard all year round, demanding better for local communities in our villages, towns and cities. They are making a difference for each and every resident.

Will you be voting for Liberal Democrats where you are?

I am so proud of what our councillors and campaigners do day in and day out to help people. From the small issues and quick fixes right through to the complex, enormous decisions that impact communities for generations to come, I am confident that Liberal Democrat councillors will do what is right for you and your family.

I am lucky enough to represent a community with a Liberal Democrat-controlled council and I hear every day how local residents are helped by my colleagues’ work.

I know Liberal Democrat councillors are putting residents and communities at the forefront of what they do rather than engaging in tribal politics.

This May, you have an opportunity to help elect local champions who will stand up for you.

We don’t have local elections in Twickenham, so I will be spending the campaign travelling around England helping Liberal Democrat teams where I can.

I will be joining local teams of campaigners out on the streets, talking with residents, finding out their issues and concerns, talking to them about how the Liberal Democrats are demanding better.

I hope this May, you will consider giving your vote to the Liberal Democrats.