Local Elections 2019: Party Election Broadcast

These past few months have been nothing short of a national humiliation.

For nearly 3 years, the government has used a wafer thin referendum majority to sow division in our towns, our cities and even in our families.

But those who seek to divide us will never win. We demand better than Brexit.

Labour and the Conservatives are fighting amongst themselves, and they have taken their eye off the ball when it comes to local services.

When it comes to local elections, you want someone who understands your community.

Someone who understands how important quality social care, strong local schools and well funded police and hospitals are to your local area.

We are campaigning for more resources to fight rising crime, to tackle homelessness and deliver the public services we all need.

And we are winning. Liberal Democrats have been winning council seats from Labour, the Tories and even UKIP.

We stand strong, with over a hundred thousand members and supporters, and a quarter of a million people backing our campaign for an exit from Brexit.

So when you vote, vote for the candidate that’s going to get things done for your local community.

Vote for the party who’s going to stop Brexit.

Vote Liberal Democrat.