Local Elections Are Just Around The Corner

Vince Cable kickstarted our local election campaign today in Yeovil.

And what a place to get the ball rolling.

After the last lot of elections in 2015, the Liberal Democrat group was the largest on South Somerset District Council.

South Somerset is just one of many councils up for election this year which last elected councillors in 2015.

I’m sure you don’t need reminding that that wasn’t a fantastic time for our electoral chances.

But this time around we have the chance to win – and win big.

In the four year cycle of local elections, the most seats are up for grabs this year.

We need all hands on deck to get as many Liberal Democrat councillors elected as possible.

Lib Dems are fantastic activists. We get out, we knock on doors, we deliver Focuses. It’s never too late to start that.

Don’t worry if you’re new to this – there will be more experienced people there to give you a helping hand.

Huge thanks to @vincecable for joining @hayleighhelium@SarahMedley91 and our fantastic @LibDemsOxon team out in #Blewbury and #Harwell today. A brillant start to the Vale of White Horse District election campaign!! #DemandBetter@ALDC ?? pic.twitter.com/KXEauYKJ9H

— Emily Smith (@emilysmithLD) March 30, 2019

But if pavement pounding isn’t your thing, worry not. There’s always plenty of jobs that need doing around a campaign.

Get in touch with your local party; they’ll be able to teach you new tricks and help you make the most of your skills and interests.

Liberal Democrat councillors work hard to represent their communities. They gain reputations for constantly writing emails about bins, pointing at potholes, and getting grumpy about litter.

But that’s what matters to local people.

And it can be bigger than that. If there isn’t a People’s Vote or European elections, this will be our only chance to tell the government what we think of their Brexit mess.

A vote for a Liberal Democrat candidate is a vote for Europe. We can only get those votes with your help.


So, do it for Europe or do it for bins. But do it. Volunteer in local election campaigns.