European elections get more likely by the day

It’s our job to win big for fellow Remainers across the country in these European elections.

Last night Theresa May met with EU leaders and, in a dashing blow to her plans, was forced to agree to extend Article 50 to October 31st, with the ability to review at the end of June.

She’s still doing the hokey-cokey and dancing around the issue but as a result, it’s clear European elections are incredibly likely this Spring.

But we cannot wait for Theresa May to give us the green light – we need to be fighting-fit now.

Remainers across the country have been side-lined since the referendum in June 2016.

.@andrealeadsom still refuses to confirm that the Govt. will allow an indicative vote, on the PM’s deal linked with a #PeoplesVote, to take place when the May Corbyn – Blue #Brexit Red Brexit – talks fail

This vote will be the simplest way to escape the Brexit black hole.

— Tom Brake MP (@thomasbrake) April 11, 2019

And in that time, the Liberal Democrats have continued to be the only major pro-Remain political party.

With the Leave vote split across the country, the EU election voting system means we really can win big.

This is our best opportunity to send a message loud and clear to Westminster.

A big win will also take us a monumental leap closer to securing a People’s Vote and put us in a great position for winning that referendum.

Let’s cement our position, secure a storming victory in these EU elections and win an exit from Brexit ✊