After today’s votes the fight to stop Brexit continues

After today’s votes, the fight to stop Brexit continues.

Hundreds of thousands of people are marching outside Parliament, where I’ve just finished voting, to demand a final say.

After today’s votes, Boris Johnson must obey the law and send a letter asking for Article 50 to be extended.

We will use that extra time to secure a People’s Vote, to keep Britain in the European Union and to reject this awful deal.

Boris Johnson’s deal will damage our economy, undermine the NHS and public services, remove vital workers’ rights and reduces environmental standards.

When this deal comes back to Parliament, what needs to happen next is clear.

We need a People’s Vote, with the option to remain in the EU.

The next few days will be crucial – and we need all Remainers united and fighting to stop Brexit.

Will you donate and support our campaign to stop Brexit today?

Yes, I will!

For three years, your support, passion and dedication have powered our movement.

That we’re still in the European Union and that Brexit still hasn’t happened, is thanks to you.

I’m sure you’re tired and angry after three years of this chaos (I know I am) – but we have to we keep up the fight.

Together, I know we can stop Brexit, once and for all.