A Record of Action and a Promise of More

Liberal Democrats love delivering leaflets. (And it’s a good thing we do, as the evidence shows that they work.) If you’ve shared that love, chances are you’ve delivered ones that use one of our favourite strap lines: ‘A record of action… a promise of more’.

That’s what I’m offering in this election for Party President: a record of listening, a record of taking action, and a plan to work with you to achieve even more in the future.

You don’t just have to take my word that I’ll listen and communicate. You can look at my record too:

  • Creating and running the Liberal Democrat Newswire newsletter, for nine years now telling people what’s going on in the party and how to influence it.
  • Regularly travelling the country to do fundraisers, run training sessions, go out campaigning and hear from members and supporters.
  • Creating campaign resources and guides to meet the needs that I hear on those trips, such as my guide to what the Liberal Democrats believe.
  • Carrying out my regular surveys of party members, giving members a voice on key issues, such as the survey I ran earlier this year on what party members wanted from their new Leader or my current one for new members.
  • Running my Lib Dem Facebook page, informing and involving members and supporters with more engagement than Jo Swinson and Ed Davey get on Facebook combined.

That’s the record I’ll continue and step up if you elect me as your next Party President.

I’ll bring to the role both my party experience, and my professional communications experience, which I’ve learnt from working with everyone from small charities to huge multinationals on improving their crisis handling and sorting out their internal communications.

Because that’s what you deserve: to hear what the party is doing in your name, to find out what the key decisions are and to be informed how you can influence them. And then to have a President who will make sure others in the party – whether they are the Leader, Chief Executive or someone else – listens to those views and acts on them.

That’s why MPs such as Layla Moran are backing me as Party President:

“Mark will bring to this role the experienced, energetic focus he has demonstrated over the years, working flat out to ensure we all have the party organisation behind us to help us win.”

With your support, we can achieve so much more. That’s not just a record of action. It’s a promise of more: