Wow! Thank you!

It has been an amazing week since I launched my campaign to become Leader of our party.

From my campaign launch with young tech apprentices to appearances on the Andrew Marr Show, Question Time, Good Morning Britain and the Today Progamme (twice!), my feet hardly touched the floor.

I am standing because our party, and our country, are at a turning point.

See my manifesto here: Jo’s manifesto

My aim as Leader is to build on our 700+ gains in the local elections and our fantastic success in the European Elections to change Britain’s politics.

As Leader, I will win us the cut through we need to get our strong liberal message across.

As Leader I will reach out to the next generation, bringing new and vibrant talent into our party.

And as Leader I will ensure that the Liberal Democrats lead the liberal revival that our politics so desperately needs.

Please join my campaign today.

Visit to find out more, to volunteer or to donate.

Find out why Shirley Williams and a whole host of party activists are supporting my campaign.

Thank you for everything you’ve done to help bring the Liberal Democrats this far.

Please support my campaign for Leader to help take us to the next level.

All the best,


Jo Swinson

Liberal Democrat Leadership Candidate and MP for East Dunbartonshire

PS: Please read my manifesto here: Jo’s manifesto