The planet’s on the ballot

We can stop Brexit – we must. For our economy. For our families, friends and neighbours who’ve made Britain their home. For what it says about us, as a country.

You could pick a hundred reasons why we must stop Brexit. Top of my list is the fight against the Climate Change Emergency.

Climate change’s devastation won’t respect borders – you have to work internationally, with other countries, if you want to save our planet.

That’s what I did, as Energy and Climate Change Minister. At the European table and at the UN, I fought for tougher targets to cut carbon emissions.

And I won.

Now – just as we are leading the campaign to Stop Brexit – I want us to lead the fight to solve the Climate Change Emergency. With my radical economic plan, for carbon-free capitalism.

And if you vote for me to be the next Leader of the Liberal Democrats, the environment will be my priority, alongside stopping Brexit.

With our fantastic election results, the Liberal Democrats are back in the game!

And with the tectonic plates of British Politics shifting – as the divided Tories and Labour parties split over Brexit – our Party’s potential has never been greater. So in choosing our next Leader, you may be choosing a future Prime Minister.

The next Leader must be both a proven media performer and someone with the skills and vision to lead our party to win again, at all levels of Government.

If you share my vision to Stop Brexit and solve the Climate Emergency, please back me to be our next Leader.

Best wishes


Ed Davey MP

Liberal Democrat Leadership Candidate and MP for Kingston and Surbiton

PS. Please tell me you’re backing my campaign to make the Liberal Democrats THE Party that will tackle the Climate Emergency.