We want an EU-wide ban on fracking

Throughout our history, the Liberal Democrats have lead the way on green issues. The 1979 Liberal/SDP manifesto called for a “war on waste and pollution” and highlighted “the need to reserve the natural environment for future generations.”

Forty years later, our 2019 European manifesto is no less radical. Just last week, Vince Cable announced our commitment to campaign for an EU-wide ban on fracking.

The Lib Dems know that for real change, we need to work together. Without working with our friends across Europe, we have no chance of effectively tackling our climate crisis.

We’re the party that can take on the Brexiteers, the populists, the climate science deniers.

That’s why we’re fighting to stop Brexit. Without a seat at the table, Britain won’t be able to push for the radical, large-scale, progressive change the EU needs to embrace if we’re going to properly address this climate emergency.

Alongside the fracking ban, we’re calling on the EU to:

  • Adopt a net zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050
  • Increase their standards of and investment in energy efficiency
  • Implement an EU-wide action plan on deforestation
  • Take immediate action to tackle the use of plastics
  • So much more… you can read our full manifesto here.

We know it’s ambitious. That’s why we need the whole EU to pull together – Britain cannot go it alone if we’re going to protect our planet for future generations. When we Stop Brexit, we’ll remain part of the strongest international team against climate change.

The @LibDems have just overtaken Labour in a poll for the #EUElections2019.

The choice has never been clearer. If you support #Remain, then #VoteLibDem. We are the only credible choice to #StopBrexit.#RemainersUnite#BollocksToBrexit


— Wera Hobhouse MP ? (@Wera_Hobhouse) May 17, 2019

With Lib Dem MEPs in the European Parliament, we’ll be able to call for real, meaningful change in EU environmental policy. As well as being the largest Remain party in the country, we’re also the party with the strongest record on green issues and solid, radical, evidence-based environmental policy. We’re the party that can take on the Brexiteers, the populists, the climate science deniers.

By voting Lib Dem this Thursday, you’ll be part of the team that is fighting to Stop Brexit, and fighting to save our planet for the generations to come. Pledge your vote today.