We have GoD on our side in the European Elections!

1. Lord Heseltine, Tory peer

The former Deputy PM endorsed us in the Sunday Times. He immediately had the whip suspended, which as Twitter pointed out was a bit suspect:

Lord Heseltine: I’m endorsing the Lib Dems.

Con Party: That’s your whip withdrawn for supporting another party.

Countless Tory politicians/Councillors/members: I’m endorsing the Brexit party.

Con Party: *Deafening silence*.

— Addy Atky (@Addy_Atky) May 20, 2019

2. Andrew MacKinlay, former Labour MP

Andrew was MP for Thurrock for 18 years and a Labour member for 52. But he endorsed us on Monday, slamming Labour’s refusal to oppose this Brexit shambles. He even came and spoke at our final rally last night – catch up here!

Catch up on our rally

3. Gus O’Donnell, former civil servant

Gus, former head of the civil service and cross-bench peer, wrote for the Times to endorse us. He was very clear – we’re the biggest, strongest party of Remain and if you want to stop Brexityou need to vote Lib Dem.

Delighted that Lord (Gus) O’Donnell joining Tory Peers Lords Heseltine and Cooper in voting @libdems tomorrow. GOD has devoted his life to public service and knows stopping #Brexit is in our national interest

Cameron peer is latest Tory to back Lib Dems https://t.co/lZaXGliz32

— Dick Newby (@RichardNewby3) May 22, 2019

4. Julie Girling, independent MEP

Writing for her blog, Julie said that we’re the only party with the infrastructure to send MEPs to Brussels who’ll make a difference. She agrees – a vote for the Lib Dems is the most effective way to win a People’s Vote.

5. Matthew Parris, former MP and columnist

Speaking on Newsnight, he condemned the Tories’ unceremoniously chucking of Michael Heseltine. Then, he endorsed us and urged Remainers to do the same:

“Anyone that wants to stop Brexit should vote Liberal Democrat because the @LibDems are the main opposition and the people with the best chance to get MEPs in” @MatthewParris3#BollocksToBrexitpic.twitter.com/1p8dsfeXIT

— Dipa Vaya (@DipaJVaya) May 20, 2019

6. Michael Cashman, Labour peer

Lord Cashman’s endorsement was succinct, so we’ll let him do the talking for us:

I think I’ve just resigned from the Labour party by declaring that I will support the Liberal Democrats in the European elections.

— Michael Cashman (@mcashmanCBE) May 21, 2019

7. Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian prime minister and leader of ALDE, the EU liberal group

Guy Verhofstadt’s message from Liberal Democrats on Vimeo.

BONUS: Labour’s lead MEP candidate in the South East

We’re not sure it was perhaps as deliberate as the ones above, but Labour’s lead candidate in the South East had this to say in a hustings – “if you want to stop Brexit, vote with your heart, vote Liberal Democrat”…

Even Labour’s own MEP candidates are admitting the truth: if you want to stop Brexit, vote your heart and vote Liberal Democrat this Thursday.

Vote for the strongest party of Remain > https://t.co/dGhOFbnixspic.twitter.com/aUuL5V9cX0

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) May 21, 2019

The trend is clear – people from across the political spectrum are getting behind us. Vote to stop Brexit – vote Lib Dem tomorrow: