The final stretch of the European elections – our strategy

We’ve seen some incredibly exciting polls on the weeks since the local elections.

We’ve got the message, the momentum and the membership.

It’s clear that we are the biggest and strongest Remain party, and we are on course to elect many more MEPs.

But it is important to view these polls in the context of the D’Hondt voting system.

D’Hondt is a very distant cousin of proportional representation. There is no option for opting for more than one party on the ballot paper.

We’re doing better than any of us could have expected, but many of the seats that are looking good for us are within the margin of error.

These could be the difference between us getting 5 MEPs – or double that.

Everything is on the line.

To be confident of delivering the results I know we can, we need to spend this last week keeping to the plan that has got us here.

Here’s the game plan.

There are still too many voters who don’t know what we stand for.

We have made significant progress in the last few years – but we need to keep going.

Keep reminding people, a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit. Voting Liberal Democrat is saying Bollocks to Brexit.

In fact, do it right now:




Many of the seats we are hoping to win will come down to a handful of votes – because of the reality of D’Hondt.

Every vote cast in the European elections will make a difference – so do not forgot to get your vote in the ballot box.

The very best thing you can do to convince people to vote for us and get them to turn out to voting is speaking to them in person.

Turnout in European elections is notoriously low.

We know that the Brexit Party will get their supporters out – and we need to as well.

Make a plan to remind your friends and family that it’s polling day soon and they have a chance to vote for an unashamedly Remain party.

And head to a campaigning event near you, and help teams on the ground reach voters that need a nudge to lend us their vote.

Find your nearest event here:

Find events

If you find anyone that might be open to it, ask them to join our party.

We are the biggest and best party starting up for Remainers – and every new member and supporter swells our ranks and allows us to shout with a louder voice.

We are growing every day – more than 3,000 people have joined us since the local elections.

Find out more about joining us here: LINK

And as an added bonus, members joining before 7th June, get a vote in our upcoming leadership election- if that would sweeten the deal for anyone you know.

Finally, donate to our campaign.

We’ve had so many people giving generously to our campaign – and we could not be more grateful.

This election is unique in that the spending limit, whilst incredibly stretching for our party, is very limiting for others.

We are not bankrolled by super-wealthy donors or by the trade unions. Everything we spend, from printing leaflets, to advertising online, is funded by our generous members.

The playing field has been levelled – and it truly shows.

Anything you can give to help us match the spending of Labour, the conservatives and the Brexit Party is very gratefully received – and know that every penny you give is going straight into powering our campaign to stop Brexit.

We’re into the final week of the campaign and we’re riding an exciting wave. We need to keep going with what is working, so we can deliver a powerful result.