It’s Groundhog May… again.

Well, it’s confirmed. Theresa May is on manoeuvres again and will try to force the Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament in the week starting 3rd June. Anyone else think this is getting a bit embarrassing?

For those keeping count, this will be attempt number 4 at pushing this failed deal through Parliament. Each and every time it’s been put to the Commons so far, it’s been rejected – twice by record margins.

So if MPs can have a chance to change their minds on Brexit, why can’t the British people?

Having lost the support of her own party, the Prime Minister has had to reach out to Labour. More and more Remainers are already seeing Labour for the pro-Brexit front they are. If Jeremy Corbyn helps the Tories push through this disastrous deal, it’ll mark yet another betrayal of Labour supporters across the UK.

Trump, Boris, Corbyn… they want Brexit.

Liberal Democrats want to stop Brexit.

Join our campaign to end this mess now >

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) May 15, 2019

Liberal Democrats demand better.

We know there’s no deal better than our membership of the European Union. That’s why we’ve been fighting to stop Brexit for nearly 3 years. Staying in the EU lets us focus on the real issues – like fixing our economy, rebuilding our public services and fighting the climate crisis. We’re the party of Remain – and proud of it.

You – not politicians – should have the final say on Brexit. Over 250,000 people from all parties and none have joined our Exit from Brexit campaign. Let’s put an end to this national embarrassment. Join our campaign to stop Brexit today.