Stop Boris, Stop Brexit

Today, we’ve unveiled two posters attacking Boris Johnson.

The first attacks him for lying to the Queen, Parliament and the people. The other will show him flanked by Donald Trump and Nigel Farage with the caption: “Brexit is good for them, how is it for you?”

And this is the whole point of this election. While Boris Johnson and his backers may stand to benefit from Brexit, it’s families across the country who will suffer.

Johnson has shown time and again that he can’t be trusted. Now, he’s trying to dupe the public yet again. This time, he says that voting for him will make Brexit go away.

This is the biggest lie of all. His disastrous Brexit plan would mean even more years of uncertainty. This would cause more damage to our economy, NHS and public services.

Johnson’s lie must be challenged head-on.

So we launched the posters to do just that!

Four poster vans will tour Conservative / Liberal Democrat marginal seats. We have already seen massive surges in those seats…

And if we win there, we could deny Boris Johnson a majority.

We can stop Boris. Not only that, we can stop Brexit, too.

Together, we will build a brighter future by taking seats off the Tories up and down the country.

Please click below to download the posters:

Poster 1

Poster 2