Johnson Happy to Sell NHS

Today, a document was released that lays out the details of talks involving UK and US officials.

The documents are horrifying.

They reveal what looks like a deal cooked up between the Tories and Donald Trump that puts our NHS on the table. This, despite Johnson’s repeated insistence that the NHS is not for sale.

Yet again, Johnson has lied to all of us.

For all intents and purposes, Johnson has now become Trump. They are clearly in cahoots, and Johnson now emulates his friend by lying again, and again, and again.

The US trade representatives have said a no-deal leaves ‘all to play for.’ This shows how vital it is that Boris Johnson is stopped. It could not be clearer that Brexit will make the UK weaker, and that Donald Trump wants to profit from this weakness.

When our NHS is on its knees after Brexit, it will be sold off to American pharmaceutical companies, raising the prices of medicine for millions.

Only we can prevent Boris Johnson from getting a majority in this election. If he succeeds, we will have no way of stopping him from pursuing either his damaging Brexit deal or crashing the UK out with no-deal in 2020.

We must fight to protect our precious NHS. We can and must defeat the Tories and prevent a Johnson majority.

We are the only party that will stop Johnson, and stop this pointless Brexit. When we do, we will build a brighter future, together.