Our commitment to NATO and international aid

“The UK under Johnson will become President Trump’s poodle.”

Johnson is desperate to secure a US trade deal to make up for the damage done to our global standing if Brexit happens.

Close alignment with US rules and regulations will be demanded. We risk becoming a vassal state of the US if Boris Johnson gets a majority.

Leave the EU and the UK under Johnson will become President Trump’s poodle. That is what is at stake at this election.

Trump has been unafraid to engage in bigoted, racist, sexist, and Islamophobic behaviour. He has lied and broken the law. All the same criticisms apply to the UK’s Prime Minister.

Johnson is following the Trump playbook. He has become part of this global network of populist, right-wing, authoritarian nationalists. Giving Johnson a majority is to give carte blanche to this type of politics in the UK.

This is something which should worry us all.

To stop this calamity, at the very least we must reduce the numbers of Conservative MPs. All Conservative MPs have signed a pledge to deliver this hardest of hard Brexits.

As Sir John Curtice has said, in a large number of seats we are now likely to be the stronger challenger to the Conservatives.

“We will enhance the UK’s ability to play our part in NATO and maintain our security.”

Labour is trying to defend its own seats from the Tories, particularly in the West Midlands, North East and Yorkshire. It is far from taking seats from them.

For the betting folks out there, Ladbrokes currently does not have Labour as favourites to win in any Tory-held seat…

It does with the Lib Dems.

This highlights the crucial role voters have in Tory/Lib Dem marginals in the coming weeks. Stopping Brexit and stopping Boris Johnson’s extreme Brexit is the prize.

This is why Liberal Democrats will ensure the UK upholds our NATO responsibilities.

We will spend 2% of GDP on defence. Because of the Remain Bonus, this 2% will be worth £1 billion more in 2024-25 than under a Tory government. The UK aid budget will also be £340 million larger.

Using the Remain Bonus, we will enhance the UK’s ability to play our part in NATO and maintain our security.

By stopping Brexit, we can ensure that the UK continues to be a major global aid player, helping those who are most vulnerable.