The Remain Bonus

Brexit has already taken far longer and cost far more than anyone said it would. But this is just the beginning. New research has uncovered a shocking figure:

Brexit will slash our economy by £50 billion over the next five years.

Britain will be £50 billion worse off. That’s money taken from our schools, our police and our communities. That’s even more families having to use food banks. That’s the NHS having to turn people away in their hour of need.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

A Liberal Democrat government will Stop Brexit on Day One. Then we’ll get on with spending the £50 billion Remain Bonus on the things that really matter.

We’ll invest in our NHS and make sure everyone can access high-quality mental health care when they need it. We’ll take bold action on the climate emergency. We’ll properly fund schools to help every child get the best start in life.

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