Local elections are on Thursday – here’s 5 reasons to vote Lib Dem

Local elections are being held across much of England tomorrow. Councils’ decisions affect many things close to home. Here are a few reasons to ensure that Liberal Democrats are the ones making those choices:

1. Local politics is in our DNA.Lib Dem councillors have a strong track record of listening, working hard and getting things done. We empower communities to take decisions at the lowest possible level – not impose it from Westminster. Lib Dem councils build more houses, are greener and invest more in policing and schools than those run by other parties. We deliver good quality services at a fair price to local residents.

2. Stick it to Labour and the Tories.Politics is a mess right now. Lib Dems are standing up to the Conservative and Labour parties – the mess they’ve made in Westminster and the mess they’re making in local councils up and down the UK. In far too many places, Labour and Tory councils have been guilty of horrendous mismanagement and have hurt communities they are supposed to helping. Take Manchester, for example. Labour has 94 out of 96 seats on the council and is fining the homeless rather than getting them the help they deserve – and it’s the Lib Dems standing up to them:

3. We don’t stop working for you.Come rain or shine, Lib Dem teams up and down the country will be out talking to you and hearing your concerns – all year round, not just at election time.

4. Brexit.We were the only party to call for the people, not politicians, to have the final say on Brexit in 2016 and we haven’t stopped since. Our campaign has grown massively since then. Other parties joined our fight and over 1,000,000 people marched through London earlier this year. But the most direct language that the Conservative and Labour parties speak is electoral success. Voting Lib Dem sends them a clear message – we demand better than Brexit. The best start we can give our European Election campaign is a strong local election result on Thursday.

5. We’re already winning!So far in local by-elections this year, we’ve taken over 25% of the vote share – that’s more than Labour. More and more people are committing to voting Lib Dem on Thursday. Demand better for local government – vote Liberal Democrat on Thursday 2nd May: