Jeremy Corbyn’s a friend of Tories, not Remainers

We launched a new poster in London today, calling out Jeremy Corbyn’s dodgy Brexit voting record.

With a weak minority government, he could have stood up and put an end to this national embarrassment. But instead, he’s voted with the Conservatives 29 times to push Brexit through.

Actions speak louder than words. Labour is a Brexit party.

Jeremy Corbyn continues to work behind closed doors with Theresa May to stitch up a Brexit deal that’ll leave us poorer. Shadow cabinet members dodge the question when asked about giving the people the final say. And as for Barry Gardiner, Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade, well:

Truly remarkable. The constant Gardiner to the Tories: “We are in there trying to bail you guys out.”

— John Harris (@johnharris1969) May 3, 2019

Liberal Democrats demand better.

We’ve been fighting to stop Brexit for nearly 3 years. Our message has always been clear – every vote for the Lib Dems is a vote to stop Brexit.

Poll after poll and our amazing local election results have made it clear – we’re the biggest, strongest Remain party. A big Lib Dem result on 23rd May will send Corbyn a clear message – we demand better than Brexit. Say you’re with us – pledge your vote to the Lib Dems on the 23rd May: