Happy Easter

Today we join Christians in the UK and across the world in celebrating Easter- a time of reflection, renewal and redemption. Across the globe, Christians will come together to worship and spend time with family and friends in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Meanwhile as liberals who believe in freedom of worship for all, we stand in solidarity with those Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs.

Celebrations of the miracle of the resurrection are an opportunity for us all to reflect both on the small miracles within our own lives – our loved ones; our friends; our wider community – and on how to build and safeguard a world that is more loving, more forgiving and more compassionate.

Earlier this week, the world watched in horror as Notre Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames. Notre Dame has both historical and religious significance for people of all faiths and none and we stand with the people of France at this testing time.

Whatever your beliefs, whether faith shapes your life in any way or not at all, I wish you an enjoyable and peaceful Easter weekend.