Five Farage Fails

The time he campaigned for Roy Moore in Alabama. When nine women had come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct.

Backing Republican loser Roy Moore is yet another triumph for Nigel Farage

— The Poke (@ThePoke) December 13, 2017

Fortunately, Moore lost the seat to Democrat challenger Doug Jones. Which is good, because much like Farage himself, Moore’s kind of the worst.

The Leave Means Leave March. All 30-odd people of them.

The head and the tail of the Leave Means Leave march in The Mall just now

— Samuel West (@exitthelemming) January 19, 2019

Here’s what a real march looks like, Nige.

Huge Lib Dem crowd marching today to

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) March 23, 2019

The 7 times he tried to get elected to Westminster – and the 0 times he managed it:

It warms the heart, doesn’t it? (thanks Wikipedia)

The time he got fined £35,000 for misspending EU funds.

Nigel Farage hit with £35,000 fine for ‘misspending EU funds’

— Mirror Politics (@MirrorPolitics) January 12, 2018

He can’t even waste taxpayer money successfully.

Getting onto the EU’s fisheries committee. And turning up to 1 vote out of 42.

Watch @Nigel_Farage leave another #Brexit debate after he himself spoke (and recorded his YouTube video). This so-called leader of the Brexiteers never attends a full debate, never comes up with solutions and puts the future of ordinary citizens at risk

— Esther de Lange (@Esther_de_Lange) March 13, 2019

He’s little better in general debates. He regularly just films speeches for his YouTube channel, leaves and takes his salary.

We demand better than Nigel Farage.

Farage likes to complain that the EU doesn’t represent us. He’s wrong – it’s him that doesn’t represent us, even when he bothers to show up.

He’s using his elected position to further his own interests and make our country poorer. Let’s put him out of a job come the European elections. Kick him out the EU parliament – vote for pro-Remain Liberal Democrat MEPs who’ll work for you. ✊