Catch the highlights of Jo’s Spring Conference Speech

Jo started out with a heartfelt tribute to those killed in the Christchurch mosque shooting this morning. “The forces that sow hate and division and seek to turn fellow citizens against each other must not and cannot win”

She then paid tribute to outgoing leader Vince Cable – “a powerful champion for liberalism”

She carried onto Brexit “the word omnishambles doesn’t do it justice.”

“At every stage the Conservatives have put the interests of their party ahead of the country”

Brexit’s distracting us from the other issues that we need to tackle – all of which will be made worse by Brexit

She spoke about our fight for a People’s Vote: “Together, we’ve been fighting since 2016 and still are.”

She paid tribute to our councillors delivering local wins up and down the UK – “millions for geothermal energy in Cornwall.”

“Liberal Democrat councillors are working hard every day delivering liberal policies for liberal Britain”

She rallied party members for a last push before the local elections in May: “Let’s get out there and knock on doors. Let’s deliver letters and Focus leaflets, let’s reach out on social media.

“Together, we can demand better for our environment.

“We can demand better for our children.

“Together, we can build a better future

Jo handed over to two council candidates Ali and Christina – both originally European citizens. Their message to us was simple but powerful: “Don’t be stopped by your gender. Don’t be stopped by your accent. Don’t be stopped by your age.”