Brexit Already Damaging Public Services

“Johnson’s Brexit lies have caused huge damage to our public services already.”

Boris’s lie on the side of a bus was an even bigger whopper than we thought. Not only does Brexit not mean an extra £350 million a week for the NHS

In reality, it means £350 million a week less.

And that’s before we’ve even left.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has estimated that our GDP is £55–66 billion lower this year. Why?

You guessed it – Brexit.

Business investment in the UK has fallen by 3% since the end of 2017. And for those not affected by Brexit? The other G7 countries have seen it grow.

Based on the IFS figures, we have calculated that public sector spend is £20.3 – £24.3 billion lower this year than it would have been.

This equates to £380 – £470 million a week. All of that money could actually have been spent on the NHS. Johnson’s Brexit lies have caused huge damage to our public services already.

If he wins a majority on Thursday, his disastrous hard Brexit will suck even more money out of our economy and our public services.

We are the only party who can win seats from the Tories and deny Boris a majority.

That’s why every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Boris, stop Brexit and invest the £50 billion Remain Bonus from higher economic growth to build a brighter future.