11 things that happened slower than the EU shooting down Theresa May – Liberal Democrats

MPs passed an amendment last night that required Theresa May to go back to the EU and try to renegotiate the backstop.

The EU didn’t mess around – the vote result came out at 8:41pm, and by 8:47pm they’d said the backstop was there to stay. Here’s 11 things that Theresa May could have done to pass the time:

1. Hard-boil an egg.

2. Read a chapter of a book.

3. Phone a friend.

4. Listen to Baby Shark on repeat 3 times.

Then have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day (we’re sorry).

5. Hang some clothes out to dry.

6. Put some more washing on.

Not that this GIF is a metaphor or anything.

7. Brew a strong cup of tea.

And why not put it in a lovely Lib Dem mug?

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8. Watch this YouTube video.

Puppies heal the soul.

9. Or this one, if you’re a cat person.

10. Walk from the Houses of Parliament to 10 Downing Street.

And after that emphatic a rejection from Brussels, that’s what we call a walk of shame.

11. Lobby these Labour MPs to support our call for a people’s vote on the Brexit deal with an option to remain.

Simply put, it’s the only way out of this mess – and we need the Labour frontbench’s support for that to happen. Take 10 minutes to tell them that now: