Working cross-party to learn lessons on coronavirus

Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on this country – on our lives, on the economy and on our futures. We desperately need to learn from the experiences, including the mistakes, of the last four months so that we are better prepared in the future. That includes being ready for a second wave.

I’m proud to have been elected chair of the APPG on Coronavirus.

That’s why I have worked with colleagues from across Parliament to set up the All Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus, and I’m proud to have been elected as its chair.

I’ve been joined by our very own Munira Wilson as Vice Chair, alongside colleagues from the Conservatives, Labour Party, Green Party, Plaid Cymru and the SNP, as well as a crossbencher in the Lords.

This week, we issued our call for written evidence, and we’ve already received an incredible number of submissions.

We want to hear from members of the public as well as bereaved families, the experts and groups representing health professionals.

If you want to take part in our inquiry, then you can submit evidence by clicking here.

There’s no time to waste if we’re to learn lessons and be ready for what the winter may bring – that’s why we’re aiming to finish our inquiry by the end of the summer, releasing our recommendations then.

We’ll be assessing the impact of the Government’s Coronavirus strategy on the NHS and social care, not just in England but in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales too

And we’ll be assessing its impact on the health outcomes of the population, and how it’s affected different groups in society compared to others.

This is a rapid review, and it’s so important that we get it right. So we’re not playing party politics, and we’re not looking to score points.

We’re here to help the Government learn from the past few months by making practical suggestions that will help save lives.

We’re here to help the Government learn from the past few months by making practical suggestions that will help save lives. That’s our aim.

We’re truly cross-party, and from experience I know just how valuable that is – look at what we achieved together on the Coronavirus Compensation Scheme earlier this year – £60,000 for bereaved families of NHS and social care workers who lose their lives.

As Liberal Democrats we believe in building and safeguarding a fair, free and open society.

That’s why I’m chairing this cross-inquiry – to make sure that we are united in our desire to learn lessons, improve the Government’s strategy and ultimately save lives.

I’m proud of this APPG – together, we can work to do better as a country.

The APPG I chair is already taking evidence for our cross-party inquiry into the government’s response to coronavirus. There is no time to waste. The PM must commit to going beyond this and commission a judge-led independent inquiry too.

— Layla Moran ?? (@LaylaMoran) July 15, 2020