What would it be like?

I know it’s tempting fate and that I shouldn’t really, but this week I have not been able to resist the temptation to think what life might be like if I were to win the Presidency.

So I decided to think what a week might be like in this possible future, combining my job as MP with the job of President.

I hope you enjoy this reading about this imaginary week as much as I did thinking about it – I think it looks like fun.

MONDAY: This week would have started with a flight to Westminster after a weekend of surgeries and constituency visits, before questions to the Foreign Secretary in the House and a statement by the Prime Minister on Brexit.

After dinner it was straight across to HQ for a phone conference with Lib Dem’s for Seekers of Sanctuary over suggested amendments to the Immigration Bill.

Then it was straight to chairing the Federal Board and agreeing the latest reforms to expand our base and develop a winning strategy.

TUESDAY: Slightly quieter. I had organised a Facebook members’ surgery for 10am so I had time to catch up on emails and paperwork before Shadow Cabinet at 4pm. There I was able to feed in the views from both the Board the night before and the feedback from the Facebook members’ surgery.

Several of our spokespeople are working on areas where they had questions about what the membership’s views might be and whether there were specific groups they could speak to and sound out on specific ideas.

While we waited to vote I had dinner with Jo and Ed and chatted through suggestions from various Party groups about how we should be looking to amend the Immigration Bill.

Some of the ideas were more difficult to sell to them than others but I think we now have proposals that will be well received at conference.

WEDNESDAY: The main event of the day was the PMQ panel of MPs on Sky News where I was able to put the party’s views on various issues.

It was pretty quiet in the afternoon – more paperwork and diary organisation – before heading to Abingdon to speak as the headline guest at an OxWab fundraiser.

I couldn’t stay too late though because there was a council by-election the next day in Southwark and I wanted to be up early to join in with “good morning” leafletting.

THURSDAY: The team in Southwark were in excellent spirits, with a big team out for polling day. I caught the train to Leeds in the afternoon to record that evening’s Question Time. Fiona Bruce was keen to hear how the members felt about their new leadership team going into a potential general election. Afterwards, straight back to Edinburgh. The journeys are excellent for sending emails and WhatsApps to members to move conversations forward.

FRIDAY: The morning was all constituency issues after celebrating the wonderful victory in Southwark. TV cameras came to the office with journalists wanting to know what this will mean for our election plans. I was able to tell them with confidence that the plans developed by the Federal Campaigns Committee and our brilliant team in HQ are fully in place!

There was also a call from the Securities Minister who wanted to know what our views would be on some legislation being introduced next week. I gave the Tory Security Minister short shrift. I know Party members would approve.

Friday afternoons we always have a little treat in the office at the end of the day once we’ve finished our surgeries and our teams are fully prepared for the weekend’s canvassing.

WEEKEND: After Saturday morning canvassing, I nipped down to Durham to enjoy their annual dinner. Sunday was taken up with calling some of our target seat candidates, SAO teams and Regional Chairs to check in on how they are doing and what they need.

What a week that would be. I would love it to come true.