We’re getting closer to a People’s Vote

Last night, the People’s Vote option got more support from MPs than any other option.

When MPs get the chance to vote on it again, I want to make sure it passes with a majority.

We’ve asked you to help us by contacting MPs to persuade them to back a People’s Vote in the past.

You responded in your thousands.

And it worked.

Of the 45 MPs we’ve lobbied, 29 of them voted for a People’s Vote last night.

We’re almost there.

We’ve identified 32 MPs who abstained in the last vote. We think they can be persuaded to stop sitting on their hands and back a People’s Vote.

Will you help us contact them – and make sure that when the next chance to vote for a People’s Vote comes, we can secure it?

Of the 45 MPs we’ve lobbied, 29 of them voted for a People’s Vote last night.

Theresa May and her party have made an absolute hash out of Brexit – and they have been aided and abetted by Labour who continue to play politics with Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats have been fighting for a People’s Vote for nearly three years.

We stand with the million people who marched for a People’s Vote in Westminster last month. We stand with the six million people who have signed the parliamentary e-petition calling for revoking Article 50. And we stand with the majority of the public who in polls continue to tell us they want a People’s Vote and want to remain in the EU.

We are closer than ever to getting a final say for the people – with an option to remain in the EU.

Help us to win a People’s Vote in Parliament. Lobby MPs today: