We’re fighting for young people

The numbers don’t lie. 2019 presents the biggest set of local elections for the Lib Dems in several years. Many of those candidates will be under the age of 26. That’s where we come in.

I’m Charlie, campaigns officer for the Young Liberals – the party’s youth and student wing. We want to see more young people getting elected – and that’s why today we launched Young and Winning 2019.

Young and Winning is a variety of support programmes for young candidates. These include:

  • financial donations
  • action days with young activists
  • coaching sessions with candidates who have experience winning at a young age.

Last year’s programme was a great success – nearly every candidate saw an increase in vote share. Many won their seats, while others came within just 10 votes.

Are you under the age of 26 and standing in the local elections this year? Apply now by filling out the form linked below – it won’t take long:

We can only do what we can thanks to the continued generosity of party members, young or otherwise. Help us support as many young candidates as possible – donate to our fighting fund now:

It’s no secret that on so many issues, local and national governments are letting my generation down – butthe Young Liberals demand better. The best way to heal the generational divide is to elect more young people at every level. Support our efforts – help us elect talented young candidates this May.