We’ll still be in the EU on Friday!

The Liberal Democrats have won a major victory. The EU Council agreed to a 3-month extension to the Brexit deadline until the end of January.

The work and leadership of our Liberal Democrat MPs was absolutely crucial to securing this extension.

Our parliamentary team worked tirelessly to secure this and prevent Boris Johnson from being able to use an election to sneak through either a No Deal Brexit or his awful Brexit deal. No other party has been working as hard to protect our country’s interests. Without the Liberal Democrats, our country and our future would be in a completely different place right now.

This is huge. We’ve beaten Boris Johnson’s irresponsible do-or-die Brexit by the 31st October.

We’ve beaten Boris Johnson’s irresponsible do-or-die Brexit by the 31st October.

We are still in the EU. The fight is far from over.

We’ll continue the fight to stop Brexit. There is no deal better than our membership of the European Union.

We remain as committed as ever to stopping Brexit and protecting our membership in the EU. We’ve been fighting for over 3 years for a People’s Vote, but Labour’s lack of support or action has made this path forward more difficult.

Nineteen of Jeremy Corbyn’s MPs voted for Boris Johnson’s disastrous hard Brexit deal without suffering any consequences from their leader. Corbyn and his party failed to support amendments calling for a People’s Vote, and Corbyn even failed to respond to Jo Swinson’s letter which asked for his support for our most recent People’s Vote amendment.

By contrast, the Liberal Democrats have put down 17 amendments arguing for a People’s Vote and voted for People’s Vote amendments seven times. We are clear and consistent in our support for a People’s Vote. Labour is silent, inconsistent or grudging in theirs.

With gridlock in parliament and .@Borisjohnson’s proposals full of trapdoors and pitfalls, it’s vital that the opposition seizes the next three months.

If other parties don’t back a #Peoplesvote in this parliament, then an election is the only route to #StopBrexithttps://t.co/e6l5UCzAoZ

— Tom Brake MP ? (@thomasbrake) October 28, 2019

So how can we fix this mess?

We launched our plan over the weekend, which could break that gridlock.

The Liberal Democrats drafted a bill, which forced a General Election on December 9th, took no-deal off the table, whilst also not giving Boris Johnson control of when the next General Election takes place. The bill, a version of which is now being debated, could be a game-changing move to help us stop the Brexit chaos and protect the future of the country.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is floundering, and Corbyn cannot lead the fight against Boris Johnson or against Brexit. Only the Liberal Democrats will go into the next election fully committed to stopping this national embarrassment.

Our policy at the next General Election will be to revoke Article 50 on day one of a majority Liberal Democrat government. That’s the only way to move on from Brexit to the issues that matter. Join our campaign to stop Brexit today – join the Liberal Democrats now: