We must work together to stop no deal

People are fed up of seeing politicians arguing for things that put their party’s interest above the country. We have to come together to prevent Boris Johnson crashing us out the EU without a deal. I’m proud of the work that the Liberal Democrats have done with MPs from all parties and none to make stopping Brexit a real possibility.

I have made several suggestions of a way forward. From amending legislation that already exists to new laws, or an emergency government led by the two most experienced MPs in the House of Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn’s demand to lead any emergency government shows that he’s only willing to oppose no-deal on his own terms.

But for this to happen, red lines drawn up to suit personal ambition have to be cast aside. We called on Jeremy Corbyn to table a motion of confidence before the summer recess. He failed to do so. His demand to lead any emergency government, even if he could command the numbers to do so, shows that he’s only willing to oppose no-deal on his own terms.

Fortunately, there are other alternatives. I’d be more than happy to support, for example, Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman as a caretaker Prime Minister. Across their careers, they have always made an effort to build bridges between parties, not burn them. They have the experience and the connections necessary to navigate these difficult times.

I know that we can stop Brexit. I know that we can stop Boris Johnson’s plan to trash our country to ensure his party’s survival. But this is bigger than any one politician. There is no time for personal ambition and the sooner some MPs in the Commons realise this the better.