Voting is now underway in the 2019 Internal Elections

Moments ago, voting opened in the elections for Party President, and Federal Committees (including English, Scottish and Councillor Representatives).

Yesterday, I visited the (very secure) printer in Scunthorpe where the 13,000 postal ballots are being printed and I’m happy to confirm everything is very much on track and I’ve spent the morning triple checking the online ballot and emails.

Fingers crossed, everything should go off without a hitch.

How the process works:

If the party has an email on file for you, you’ll be voting online.

You’ll get an email today between 1100 and 2330. The emails are being sent in batches of 5,000 to try and ensure as many as possible get through.

Please don’t panic if you’re not in the first batch, the rest will be sent through the day.

The email is coming from, the sender name will be Nick Harvey and the subject line will be “IMPORTANT: Your ballot paper”.

It’s worth checking your spam/promotions folder if you can’t find it, as it may have gone astray in there.

If we can’t deliver to your email address for any reason, we’ll dispatch a postal ballot as soon as possible on Monday.

If you can’t find that email by 9am on Sunday morning, please email – this is a priority elections inbox and queries about the election sent here will be responded to within 48 hours.

If the party doesn’t have an email on file for you, then you’ll be getting a postal ballot.

The first group were mailed out yesterday, the second group will be mailed out on Monday and any additional ballots we have to add because of email issues will be mailed out Tuesday, so all of those should have arrived by Wednesday/Thursday.

Manifestos are included with the ballot and you should also be able to find them all here:

You can also find out more about the positions up for election here:

If you have questions for any of the candidates or want to know more before you vote, then we’ve set up an easy way to quiz them. You just need to join the Internal Elections Discussion group on Facebook, which you can do here:

Lastly, as I’m sure you can imagine, running these elections costs money – and that’s money we can’t spend on campaigning (and we might need to spend some money on campaigning in the next few weeks!).

Please do consider donating whatever you can afford to help with the cost of these elections (and any extra we raise will be put towards the General Election). You can donate online now at

Good luck to all of the candidates standing in these elections and happy voting!