Time for Brexiter MPs to get real.

Last night, MPs passed an amendment to the Prime Minister’s motion – the Brady amendment. It actioned Theresa May to go back to the EU and ask them to take the Northern Ireland backstop out of the deal.

It took the EU six minutes to say no.

There’s only one compromise Theresa May should accept – a people’s vote

It’s yet another exercise in time-wasting by this incompetent government.

They know full well the backstop isn’t open for negotiation. Theresa May is trying to bully Parliament into voting for a botched Brexit deal by threatening us with No Deal. She’s playing with people’s jobs, their health and the economy.

To make matters worse, Yvette Cooper’s amendment, which would have provided for an extension to Article 50 to rule out a No-Deal Brexit was narrowly defeated, with the Government whipping their MPs to keep this dangerous option on the table.

And the Labour MPs who joined the Tories in the lobbies, keeping No-Deal in play, should hang their heads in shame too. They’ve brought No Deal one step closer to reality. They’ve become handmaids to Brexit.

Indecision and prevarication from #Labour front bench over what amendments to support has just contributed to the defeat of the Cooper and Grieve amendments.

Amateurism at a time of national crisis is costing the country dear.#PeoplesVote#FBPE

— Tom Brake MP (@thomasbrake) 29 January 2019

There’s only one compromise Theresa May should accept – a people’s vote. Lazily hand-waving away the many real problems with No Deal, with promises of technology that does not exist, won’t cut it.

This attempt to renegotiate is nothing more than an attempt to kick the can down the road again and secure the unobtainable. It serves to paper over the cracks in the Conservative Party and run down the clock.

The Liberal Democrats demand better.

The only sensible way out of this mess is a people’s vote with the option to stay in the EU. There is absolutely no faith in the Government to deliver on Brexit in a competent or even responsible fashion. The people must have the chance to exit from Brexit.

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