Think you can persuade two people to vote Lib Dem? Then you could be an election winner.

Could you persuade two people to vote Liberal Democrat? Could a group of you persuade 45 people? If so, then it could be you making the difference between adding another Remain voice to parliament – or letting in another voice for division.

In 2017, there were seats as close as two votes in North East Fife, and as close as 45 votes in Richmond Park.

Spurred on by the tightness of some of these races, a group of volunteers is organising events designed to show members how they will make the difference between winning and losing seats at the next General Election.

These events are aimed at new and old members like me – who are fed up with just sharing Facebook posts or shouting at the TV. Instead, we’re learning how to take real action and share our message on issues like Brexit and the climate emergency.

Using techniques from the Obama and Bernie Sanders campaigns, we’re giving attendees practical training on how they can help win minds, vote and seats by reaching voters on the doorstep. Research shows that of all the things we can do as members, by far the most effective is talking to voters face to face.

Our briefing events will take place around the country and we want you to attend one. Our last session, hosted by Chuka Umunna, was attended by 80 people and created a real can-do enthusiasm.

Find your nearest event:

Your nearest event

and discover how you can literally make the difference, and help us win more MPs in the next general election.