The trailblazers, disruptors and advocates

On Friday, we will proudly celebrate International Women’s Day. A day to honour the trailblazers, disruptors and advocates boldly challenging misogyny and oppression in all its forms.

Over the last few years, there has been a palpable cultural shift in our approach to gender inequality. As a society, we are making significant strides in the battle against gender oppression.

In the last few months alone, our MPs have led the charge in criminalising upskirting and have successfully pushed for proxy voting for new parents in the House of Commons. But there is still a long way to go.

We cannot afford to rest until women and girls everywhere are treated with the same dignity and respect as men.

Here are a few things you can do to help us amplify that message today:

  • Celebrate Lib Dems. This year we are celebrating the work of some amazing women within the Liberal Democrats. From campaigners to PPCs, these women are demanding better both locally and nationally. Read their stories
  • Hear from our Party leadersVince Cable and deputy leader Jo Swinson on the importance of International Women’s Day for them
  • Become a candidate: We need more Lib Dem women in parliament. If you think you’d make a great candidate or know a woman who would, now is the time to step up and stand.
  • Support trans women. As a party, we are clear that trans women are women and their stories deserve to be heard and celebrated. Read this blog from Lib Dem member Zoe O’Connell.
  • Support our campaigns: This week our MPs introduced three private members bills, one calling foran end to the gender price gap, another campaigning for the introduction of gender-neutral school uniforms and improvingmental health care for new mothers.

Today and every day let us fight for full equal rights for all women without exception.

Happy International Women’s Day!