The Labour Party are officially pro-Brexit.

The Labour Party are officially pro-Brexit.

In the crucial vote of their NEC tonight, Labour confirmed their policy on Brexit:

  1. Work with the Tories to deliver Brexit.
  2. Win a General Election, so they can deliver Brexit.
  3. Maybe hold a referendum, but only if they can’t deliver Brexit.

If you’re a Remainer, that makes your choice even clearer.

A vote for Labour is a vote for Brexit – it’s the same as voting for the Tories or the Brexit party.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit.

I’m voting Lib Dem

We’ve been fighting to stop Brexit every single day since the EU referendum.

We’ve marched, lobbied, delivered leaflets, knocked on doors and worked tirelessly to change the public’s mind.

And it’s worked – we are closer than ever to stopping Brexit.

If Remainers unite and vote Liberal Democrat to stop Brexit, we can send a powerful message to the Brexit parties – and a strong group of Remainers to the European Parliament.

Say you’re with us. Pledge your vote to stop Brexit on Thursday 23rd May: