The Johnson government will not publish the Russian interference report.

“Inexplicable and shameful.”

“Inexplicable and shameful.” – Hillary Clinton on the UK government’s refusal to publish a report into Russian interference in British politics.

Yeesh. It’s almost like she has experience with childish leaders lying to get their own way.


Hillary Clinton knows first-hand what it feels like to go up against Russian interference into elections. While investigations are still ongoing, many close to Trump are already in jail – for collusion with Russian politicians during the 2016 Election.

So when Clinton tells the British public that we should worry about our government, we must listen.

Johnson is not fit to be Prime Minister.


He has lied to the Queen, lied to Parliament, and lied to our country.

Boris Johnson wants to take us back to the past

And now he is lying again – if they had nothing hide, the Tories would have released the report already. By refusing to publish the report into Russian interference before we go to the polls, Johnson is denying us access to all the facts.

Boris Johnson is once again trying to deceive the public. He is not fit to be Prime Minister.