The experience, judgement and vision to take our party forward

I am excited for the future of the Liberal Democrats. I know that together, we can put more Liberal Democrats in town halls, council chambers and Parliaments across the country and kick Boris Johnson out of Downing Street.

The maths are simple. We are in second in 91 seats across the country and in 80 of them, we’re against the Conservatives. If we want to make sure we don’t have a Tory government in 2025 then Liberal Democrats have to take seats off the Conservatives.

I’ve been beating the Conservatives all my political life, from local Government to the heart of Government. I won my seat in Kingston in 1997 when it wasn’t even a target seat, and have won it 5 more times since. I fought the Tories in Government and trebled renewable power and cut people’s energy bills, and I’ve helped us take control of Kingston Council.

I am so grateful for the huge number of people who have backed my record of taking on the Tories, and my vision for a fairer, more caring and greener society.

I have received nearly 60% of nominations, I have been backed by the majority of our Parliamentary party, 13 of our 16 former MEPs, and the majority of our Council Leaders across the country.

That support has given me huge inspiration to keep fighting for the things I believe in, and that I want our party to stand for.

As a young carer to my sick mother, I know that we don’t do enough to build a more caring society, where we recognise the incredible work that the 10 million carers in our country do. My plan for carers would increase the carers allowance and give them more legal protections under the law so they can’t be discriminated against at work.

Our party has always been at the forefront of fighting the climate emergency, and it’s more vital that we continue that fight now. I called on all my training as an economist and my experience creating green jobs in Government to put together the most ambitious plan to tackle the climate emergency ever published. My green revolution calls for £150bn of investment in our green economy, in order to boost jobs, save our planet and help us rebuild after Covid.

The next leader will have a huge amount to do in order to get us fighting fit and in a place where we can win right across the country. I know I have the experience, judgement and vision to take our party forward, take on the Tories and help the Liberal Democrats fight for a more caring, greener and fairer society.

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