Stopping the Shutdown

Parliament returns from recess tomorrow, and the next three days are crucial.

We know that Boris Johnson will attempt to shut down Parliament by any means he can.

It seems Boris Johnson will stop at nothing to implement his anti-democratic shutdown of parliament and force a disastrous No Deal on the British people. Today, the @LibDems continue to work with other parties on emergency legislation to stop this authoritarian power grab.

— Jo Swinson (@joswinson) September 2, 2019

He knows the people would not choose a No Deal, and that the people’s representatives wouldn’t allow it. By shutting down Parliament, he is trying to silence your voice and force a disastrous No Deal on the British people.

We’re working hard to stop this dangerous and undemocratic step.

In the courts, I have joined the judicial review launched by Gina Miller. It’ll be heard by the High Court this week.

In Parliament, we’re working across party lines on emergency legislation to extend Article 50, in order to prevent us from crashing out on the 31st October.

And in the media, we’ve exposed the Government’s lack of backstop plans, and their intention to release a watered-down version of the Yellowhammer document.

We will continue with the above, and more, to stop the shutdown, prevent a No Deal Brexit, and to stop Brexit altogether.

I promise you that I – and all my fellow Liberal Democrat MPs – will do everything we can to stop Boris Johnson’s autocratic power grab, and halt his plot to force through a No Deal.