Stopping Brexit and keeping our family of nations together

Today, Jo Swinson is taking her Leader’s Tour of the UK to Scotland to say loud and clear that the Liberal Democrats will protect Scotland’s place at the heart of the EU and in the UK.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit and keep Scotland in the UK. At this general election we’re offering voters a real way to stop the chaos.

“The four nations of the United Kingdom are stronger when they work together so we should work together to stop Brexit.”

On day one, a Lib Dem majority government will stop Brexit so that we can focus on tackling the big issues facing the UK right now. We will use the £50 billion Remain Bonus to invest in our public services and tackling inequality.

Once we stop Brexit, we can build a brighter future; one that includes our whole United Kingdom.

The Liberal Democrats will stop another independence referendum in Scotland and stop the division, chaos, new borders and economic cost that independence would cause.

Learn more about our Plan for the Future here.