Seven Reasons to Vote Liberal Democrat on Thursday

This Thursday marks one of the most important elections in a generation. If Boris Johnson wins a majority, he will push through his disastrous Brexit plan. He will also plunge us headfirst into some of the most extreme economic policies in decades.


This won’t just ruin Christmas, like forgetting the stuffing or not taking your stockings down before lighting the fire. It will be disastrous for our country for decades to come.

A Johnson government is for life, not just for Christmas.

We plan to stop him, and you can help us do it. All it takes is your vote – a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Johnson.

But it’s also so much more than that.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is also a vote to:

1. Stop Brexit

We are the only party that is committed to stopping this disastrous Brexit. The Tories will push through Johnson’s awful plan, and the Labour Party is not a Remain party.

But we are.

We have fought tirelessly for a People’s Vote for the last three years. We will continue to push for a second referendum on the biggest democratic decision in our lifetimes.

A vote for us is a vote to truly end Brexit, once and for all.


2. Build an economy that works and is for everyone

When we stop Brexit, we will receive a Remain Bonus of £50bn. This is how we have created our brilliant, fully-costed manifesto.

But the numbers don’t work for everyone…

The Institute for Financial Studies (IFS) reported that neither Labour nor the Tories manifestos are “credible.”



The Tories plans for financial responsibility would have to be torn up so they can fulfil their pledges. This means more taxes or more borrowing.

Labour’s manifesto would try to drag Britain back to the 1970s.

No thanks. To both.

The Liberal Democrats are now the only party with credible, sensible and fair plans for our society.

3. Build a brighter future for our children

We are the only party that is truly committed to our younger generations. How?

By investing an extra £10bn in schools and recruiting 20,000 new teachers.


We will fight to give every child the very best start in life.

4. Build a fairer society that works for everyone

We are the only party that truly understands the needs of families across the country. We will help to fight against inequalities by giving free childcare after 9 months to all.

Not only that, but we understand the needs of individuals, too. We will give every adult £10,000 to spend on skills training over their lives.


Sounds like Christmas come early!

5. Build a brighter future for the NHS

The NHS is under real threat. Johnson is Trump’s poodle – when commanded, he will obey. Trump has said that the NHS is on the table for a trade deal.

He might have denied saying this during his recent visit. But if there’s one thing we know about Johnson and Trump it’s that they lie like it’s going out of fashion.


If Johnson wins a majority, we could lose our NHS. This is unthinkable.

The Liberal Democrats will protect and reinvest in our NHS. We will make mental health issues as urgent as physical ones and ensure that our vulnerable are looked after.

We will fight to save our incredible NHS and to transform its mental health services.

6. Build a brighter future for our planet

We are at a crossroads for our world. We can fight to save it now, and fight hard. Or, we can let things continue and create an unmitigated disaster for future generations.

Guess which one we’d rather do?

We will generate 80% of our electricity from renewables by 2030. Not just that, we will insulate all low-income homes by 2025, too.

We will also ban single-use plastics within three years. The Lib Dem-created 5p tax on plastic bags was the warning shot. Now we have declared full war on plastic.

Plastic, you’re done.


Without our planet, there is nothing. We must fight to save it now, and that’s just what we’re going to do.

7. We will fix our broken politics

The last three years have been a waking nightmare. May and Johnson’s tinpot Tories and Corbyn’s cronies have plumbed new depths. Rather than fighting for a fair, open society, they have pushed their own extremist agendas.

The sense of duty is non-existent. The rhetoric is offensive. The politics is abysmal.


We demand better. We will push for a proportional representation voting system and an elected House of Lords. Not only this, we will fight back against Johnson’s appalling attempts to take votes away from the vulnerable.

Politics is for everyone and should work for everyone. We will fight to make that happen.

So if you care about building a fair, open society that works for everyone, rather than being dragged back into the past, there’s only one choice this Thursday.

Vote Liberal Democrat. Help us build a brighter future.