Saving our town centres

Across Britain, you can’t have failed to notice that our high streets and town centres are run down.

Local businesses are closing, leaving our high streets empty of anything bar charity and betting shops.

People have to travel further for necessities like groceries, needlessly adding more cars to our busy roads.

And those without independent forms of transport, like the young, old and disabled, are reliant on public transport – that has also been cut to the bone by this Conservative government.

The Liberal Democrats demand better.

At our spring conference, we have just passed a motion which will:

  • Require regional leaders to develop a long-term plan for the growth of town centres under their jurisdiction
  • Provide businesses with an easier path to setting up on the high street, making use of empty store fronts and supporting local businesses;
  • Reform commercial planning law and work with industries to create best practices for how businesses can thrive in today’s economy

The Liberal Democrats have a credible plan to save and rejuvenate our town centres, and demand better for our communities.

Read the whole motion here:

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