Safer shopping in Bridgnorth High Street

Coronavirus has changed the face of shopping. Shops in Bridgnorth have been working hard to adapt to new safety requirements. Changes have been made to the Town’s Saturday outdoor market in the High Street too.

Bridgnorth market’s new layout

The move follows the government giving councils new powers to protect public health. Shropshire Council has closed the High Street to all traffic at peak periods on Saturdays so there’s more space for shoppers to spread out. The changes were made at the end of July. The full road closure is a temporary measure and is expected to last for 3 to 4 weekends.

Stopping the traffic has enabled the market layout to be altered to give more circulation space. Stalls which are normally set up on the footpath have been moved into the roadway. It has also enabled stalls to be moved further away from the pavement or turned around.

Bridgnorth Town councillor David Cooper said:

“Bridgnorth’s Saturday market is very popular, especially in the Summer. Initial feedback is that the atmosphere is more relaxed and welcoming. There are some drawbacks but it does feel as if Bridgnorth is safe and open for business!”