Meanwhile elsewhere in Shropshire…

Road safety campaigners in the village of Norbury have been celebrating the installation of a second set of road safety signs outside the village school

Local Shropshire Councillor (and Norbury resident and parent)Charlotte Barnes said "We have a major speeding problem outside Norbury Primary School. After two accidents just outside a number of months ago, the School and myself persuaded the Council to install an array of warning signs outside the school"

Norbury School is unusual as it does not have any speed restrictions on the road (Bishops Castle – Longden) outside the school hence the problem with speeding traffic.


Charlotte continued "The first warning signs went in due course but we have had to wait for the high visibility flashing signs till this last week. They are already having a real impact slowing traffic – I'm sure a lot of motorists haven't registered until now that there is a school here.

"There are now flashing lights each side of school and further down at the village hall as pupils use this facility regularly. More parking spaces have been put in along with improvements to the side of the road so when parking on the road there is space to get out on the hedge side rather than stepping into the road.

"Although we are grateful this is in place it is a shame that we had to wait for the inevitable accident to happen before significant improvements were made."

"However this is only the first step. Its patently unfair that our primary school is one of the few (if any?) primary schools in Shropshire with a 60mph right outside its front door. Its clearly dangerous for both children and parents. I know money is tight and the Council is hesitant to set up another 30mph zone but surely we are a special case. We will keep pushing on this.

"I would also urge all road users to make a special effort when passing Norbury or indeed any of our primary schools. Not only are there risks in the morning and at home-time but there are often parties of children coming and going throughout the pay and often events involving parents and local residents."

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