Proroguing parliament

A short prorogation is supposed to happen every year…

Parliament is usually closed for a little while in the run-up to a Queen’s Speech.

There wasn’t one in 2018, however.

…but not for this long

Most of the time, this is a 3 to 7 day break.

Boris Johnson wants to shut Parliament for 5 weeks.

That’s the longest since 1945.

It’s pretty obviously to try and force through Brexit.

Technically speaking, Parliament only loses a few days by doing this.

The prorogation also covers the autumn conference season, where Parliament would traditionally rise. But MPs could have voted to cancel that recess. Proroguing Parliament stops that.

We will have just 4 days to stop No Deal next week.

Parliament will still be sitting for 4 days next week. That’s a tight window – but it’s not impossible. We’re ready – Jo Swinson has proposed a triple lock to prevent no deal and other parties are with us in the fight to stop no-deal:

.@joswinson is putting forward a ‘triple-lock’ to prevent the catastrophe of a no deal Brexit – and the Liberal Democrats will keep fighting to stop Brexit altogether.#DemandBetter than Brexit & join our campaign:

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) August 27, 2019

This is profoundly undemocratic – but it’s not too late.

Boris Johnson can spin it however he wants – this is about running down the clock till no deal. But it’s not too late to stop him. Send him a message – join the Lib Dems today and help us stop Brexit: