Phone Bank Tips

  • In terms of voting intention:

    a) Please note that “Soft Labour” means they will EITHER vote Lib Dem OR Labour. Likewise “Soft Con” is either Lib Dem or Conservative, etc.

    b) “Not Lib Dem” is if they won’t vote Lib Dem, but you can’t establish which party they would vote for.

    c) “Won’t Say” is where someone says they don’t ever discuss how they will vote – “that’s between me and the ballot box” etc. Also use “Won’t say” if you have tried to establish who they would vote for, and they say they are undecided, despite your probing.

    d) Try to record what they say accurately without being over optimistic. If they express a preference for another party, then follow up with the “Consider Lib Dem?” question to indicate if they are a prospect for the future.