Our plan for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill

Boris’ bad Brexit bill is before the House of Commons today.

So what are we doing to fight the damaging and dangerous effects it will have on democratic scrutiny, workers’ rights, the battle against the climate crisis, and more?

Today, we tabled an amendment to block the Withdrawal Agreement Bill because:

  • It fails to give the people the final say on the Brexit deal
  • It fails to ensure continued tariff-free access to the Customs Union and Single Market
  • It fails to guarantee the rights of UK citizens in the EU, and EU citizens in the UK
  • It fails to safeguard protections for workers’ rights, children’s rights, and the environment

The Bill is now progressing to Committee Stage, where Layla Moran is tabling the following amendment to protect the Erasmus+ scheme and the opportunities it provides.

Implementation period negotiating objectives: Erasmus+

(1) It shall be an objective of the Government to secure an agreement within the framework of the future relationship of the UK and the EU before the end of the implementation period that enables the UK to participate in all elements of the Erasmus+ programme on existing terms after the implementation period ends (“the Erasmus+ negotiations”).

(2) A Minister shall lay before each House of Parliament a progress report on the Erasmus+ negotiations within six months of this Act being passed.

The Liberal Democrats will continue to oppose Brexit every step of the way and fight to stop the avalanche of harm it looks set to unleash.