Our new Brexit policy, explained

Since the EU referendum, the Liberal Democrats have been on the side of Remainers.

Whether in Parliament, in the courts, in the media or on the streets, we’ve been leading the fight for three years to stay part of the European Union.

For three years, we’ve been leading the fight to remain in the European Union

Because of our position on Brexit, our party has grown. MPs have joined our ranks to stand up to this national crisis. Our membership is surging. The movement to stop Brexit has grown by the day, as it becomes clear that we cannot possibly leave the EU without doing irreparable damage to our country’s prosperity, security and standing in the world.

We beat both Labour and the Conservatives in the two elections we have held this year, the local and European elections.

As the biggest & strongest party fighting unequivocally to #Remain in the EU, we are giving people the option to make this Brexit mess stop.

Join our campaign to #StopBrexit ?https://t.co/Mp2XkNJx4vpic.twitter.com/45FWyKcprv

— Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) September 15, 2019

And we are preparing for a general election to be called in the coming weeks or months – and when it does we are ready.

We cannot waste any more time. We will revoke article 50 and remain in the EU.

The offering of either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister is not a serious proposition. Jo Swinson is the most popular party leader right now and is a genuine candidate for our next Prime Minister.

We are fighting to win a General Election, and if we do it will be obvious that the general public has voted for us because they too want to stop Brexit.

Our members have voted that if we win a General Election, we will not waste any more time. We will revoke article 50 and remain in the EU.

Should we not emerge out of a General Election with a majority, our policy will continue to be backing a People’s Vote to break the Brexit impasse.

Our position is absolutely clear: we want to stop Brexit.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats in a General Election is a vote to stop Brexit.

A vote for Remain in a People’s Vote is a vote to stop Brexit.

And with your help, we are going to stop Brexit.